Is Your Business Or Government Organization Capable Of Conducting Computer Forensics Investigations?
If the answer is No, COMPUTERFORENSICS911.COM can provide individuals in your organization with the In-Depth Computer Forensics Training required to:
  • Understand The Many Important Aspects Surrounding Computer Forensics Investigations
  • Enable Individuals That Are Involved In Computer Forensics Investigations, To Successfully Proceed In A Coherent and Managed Process, Should An Incident Occur
  • Enable Individuals To Successfully Conduct Detailed And Sound Computer Forensics Investigations
  • Enable Individuals To Understand Where To Find and Extract The Data And Information, Using A Variety of Computer Forensics Tools And Techniques

What Is Computer Forensics?
While there are many definitions for Computer Forensics, Computer Forensics can be defined as a discipline that combines elements of Law, Specialized Techniques/Procedures and Computer Science to Collect, Protect, Examine and Analyze Data from Computer Systems, Networks, Wireless Communications Devices and Portable Storage Devices. The results of a Computer Forensics Investigation can/may provide facts as to when the incident happened, what happened and what individuals were involved. These facts can better assist an organization in making any decisions to reprimand or release an employee, for violating organizational computer security policies and/or any state/federal laws. Additionally, the facts may also be admissible as evidence in a court of law.

Why Is Computer Forensics Important To Your Organization?
At any moment your organization, it’s computers, networks and data could be seriously compromised by the actions of a Disgruntled Employee or Computer Hacker. Computer crimes do happen and these crimes are reaching alarming rates!

  • Computer Fraud
  • Criminal Activities
  • Industrial Espionage
  • Theft of Proprietary Corporate Data/Information
  • Theft of Classified Government Data/Information
  • Privacy Act Violations/Customer Data Loss
  • Child Pornography, Adult Pornography
  • Violations of Organizational Computer Security Policies and more

Such incidents as mentioned above can expose organizations to ethical, legal, and financial risks and often require them to conduct internal Computer Forensics Investigations. Sometimes what can appear to be an incident that management thinks the organization can handle internally, turns into an incident that makes it's way to the public or media. Ensuring the Computer Forensics Investigation has been conducted properly from the beginning is of the utmost importance.

Organizations are many times caught off guard after an incident and may make mistakes when it comes to conducting a Computer Forensics Investigation. Individuals may begin to panic trying to figure out what has happened or what is happening. A wrong decision or mistake on how to conduct the Computer Forensics Investigation could be damaging to the outcome of the investigation and possibly your organization. These wrong decisions or mistakes by individuals are essentially contaminating the crime scene. This in turn could result in your evidence being ruled in admissible in a court of law, or making it harder to prove an individual was in non-compliance with organizational computer security policies and/or state/federal laws. The reputation of your organization could be on the line and in jeopardy.

The attached white paper discusses key information security laws and regulations that mandate Computer Forensics for compliance. These laws affect organizations that are publicly traded and store financial or medical information. These broad criteria affect most medium to large businesses domestically, as well as international companies that do business in the United States.

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Laws, Compliance And Computer Forensics

Why Should I Receive Training On How To Conduct Computer Forensics Investigations?

In Government and Corporate Organizations, IT Professionals, Network Administrators, Computer/Information Security Professionals, Human Resource Professionals, Legal Professionals and Law Enforcement Officers are frequently involved in some aspects of a Computer Forensics Investigation, as part of their responsibilities.

Forensics is more than just using an Un-Delete Software Utility to recover deleted files. Computer Forensics is about understanding the Legal Aspects, Specialized Techniques, Methods, Processes, Procedures and Software Tools required to conduct Sound Computer Forensics Investigations.

Even if someone in your organization is not going to be the one conducting Computer Forensics Investigations, it is extremely important that someone within the organization understand all of the aspects surrounding Computer Forensics Investigations, before the incident occurs. Understanding all the aspects surrounding a Computer Forensics Investigation will better enable your organization to deal with a Computer Security Incident, if it arises.

Why Should I Choose Computer Forensics As A Career?
As stated above computer crimes are reaching alarming rates. The usage of computers throughout the world is increasing. Computer Forensics Investigators are needed today by many Businesses, Government Organizations and Law Enforcement Organizations. In terms of career potential and job growth, selecting Computer Forensics as a career is an excellent choice.


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